Policy Update

New Mexico Passes Wildlife Trafficking Ban



NCEL Point of Contact

Ruth Musgrave
Conservation Senior Advisor

New Mexico 11th State to Ban Wildlife Trafficking

On February 18, 2020, New Mexico’s legislature passed a wildlife trafficking ban, SB 75, which prohibits the sale of parts and products from exotic species within the state. Examples of species included in the ban are elephants, rhinos, and big cats. 

The bill’s passage makes New Mexico the 11th state to pass a wildlife trafficking ban. Because federal restrictions on the import, trade, and sale of endangered species only apply to transactions between states, lawmakers have been working to enact bans on sales within state lines related to exotic endangered species parts and products.

Progress in Other States

This year, several states are considering similar legislation including Vermont and Mississippi.

NCEL staff have compiled a matrix that breaks down provisions of all the wildlife trafficking bans. To learn more about wildlife trafficking and to stay up to date on legislation, visit ncel.net/wildlife-trafficking.