Policy Update

New Hampshire Legislature Passes Wildlife Corridors Act



NCEL Point of Contact

Ruth Musgrave
Conservation Senior Advisor


On June 6, the New Hampshire State House passed a wildlife corridors bill sending it to the Governor for signature. Sponsored by Senator David Watters, the bill requires the recognition and protection of wildlife corridors and habitat strongholds as a public good.

In addition, corridors and crossings would be eligible for funding under the Community Heritage and Investment Program and the Department of Transportation must consider fish and wildlife crossings and mitigation in road/culvert projects.

At least 11 other state legislatures are considering their own wildlife corridor legislation. At the end of May, Oregon’s HB 2834, sponsored by Representative Ken Helm, passed the Senate and is now awaiting signature by the Governor. And in April, New Mexico Senator Mimi Stewart’s Wildlife Corridor Act, SB 228, was enacted.  

For a complete list of all wildlife corridor bills from 2019, view this one-page summary. You can also check out NCEL’s wildlife corridor web page for more information.