Policy Update

Monthly Messenger: Perceptions on Weather Linked to Climate Beliefs



NCEL Point of Contact

Ava Gallo
Climate and Energy Program Manager


Climate change continues to alter the environment around us including seasonal weather patterns and warmer than normal temperatures. How people perceive the local weather pattern of warmer-than-normal temperatures as compared to their beliefs on climate change is a question that researchers have been seeking to answer.

Researchers used surveys to identify a strong correlation between people’s view on weather and their belief in climate change. Those who believe in climate change are more likely to say they have experienced warmer-than-normal weather. However, those who do not believe in climate change were less likely to say they have experienced warmer-than-normal weather. These findings further emphasize the need to move public opinion on climate change as to spur action in response to local weather events.


  • The full study can be found through Springer.
  • An article about the study can be found through UPR