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Landmark Legislation: California Establishes 100% RPS by 2045 Goal



NCEL Point of Contact

Ava Gallo
Climate and Energy Program Manager

California Passes Landmark 100% Clean Energy Act of 2018

Last month, California became one of the first states (second only to Hawaii) to aim for 100% clean energy by 2045. This bill, SB 100, was sponsored by NCEL member Senator Kevin de León and takes a comprehensive approach to achieving a 100% renewable portfolio, requiring CA Public Utilities, Energy Commission, and Air Resources Board to collaborate and implement policies and requirements accordingly.

Building off of the state’s existing RPS goal of 50% by 2030, SB 100 establishes new benchmarks of 50% RPS by 2026 and 60% RPS by 2030 to ultimately achieve its 2045 goal. In order to maintain flexibility in achieving 100%, the bill emphasizes the need for “zero-carbon resources,” thus leaving the window open for hydropower or other sources of non-carbon energy.

Given the IPCC’s recently published report calling for immediate action on climate change, California’s bill sets an important precedent for bold climate solutions. SB 100 is the most recent addition to NCEL and the USC Schwarzenegger Institute’s Digital Environmental Legislative Handbook.

Senator Kevin de León speaking at NCEL’s 2018 National Issues Forum