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Department of Interior Puts Offshore Drilling Plans on Hold



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Today, the Department of Interior announced plans to open up the Atlantic and Pacific coastline for offshore drilling have been indefinitely sidelined. A March ruling blocked offshore drilling in the Arctic. The decision will go through an extensive appeals process and ultimately impact the decision to expand drilling.

As a result of plans to expand drilling, six states passed legislation to restrict drilling off their coasts. This year nine other states are considering similar legislation. In addition, coastal leaders have underscored the importance of legislation to establish permanent protections in the likely event that this proposal resurfaces in the future. 

More information about this development is available here: https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/440679-trump-administration-pauses-plans-to-expand-offshore-drilling

To view current legislation and learn more about offshore drilling, visit https://ncel.net/offshore-drilling/

States considering offshore drilling during the 2019 legislative session. California, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey all passed legislation restricting offshore drilling in 2018. Learn more at ncel.net/offshore-drilling.