Policy Update

Conservation Briefing January 2014



NCEL Point of Contact

Ruth Musgrave
Conservation Senior Advisor


This is the eleventh briefing on conservation issues of interest to NCEL members. Thanks to a generous grant from the Woodtiger Fund, NCEL is partnering with Ruth Musgrave, J.D., of Wildlife Policy Consulting Associates to work on conservation issues that impact states. The clearinghouse covers issues pertaining to endangered species, fish and wildlife, public lands, land and water use, urban sprawl, and climate change.

Each briefing covers a sampling of the latest conservation developments that may be of interest, as well as useful materials and links. Please let us know what conservation issues are important in your state, and what kinds of resources or research you would find useful. Please send any bills or legislation that you would like to have reported.

In This Issue:

  • Pollinators
  • Conservation Funding
  • Endangered Species
  • Public Lands
  • Climate Change