Policy Update

West Virginia Governor Signs Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill  



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On March 28, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice signed H.B. 4797, a bipartisan bill that would accelerate the state’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development. This bill requires the Department of Transportation to create an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development plan that describes how West Virginia intends to use National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program Funds created by the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Such plans are a requirement in order to receive funding from NEVI.

The NEVI Formula Program provides five billion in funding to states over the next five years to establish an interconnected EV network to facilitate data collection, access, and reliability. The program funding is only available to states that submit EV development plans by August 1.  West Virginia’s plan to utilize these funds would take a holistic approach, considering the future charging infrastructure needs of school systems, public transportation, counties and municipalities, and other users. 

Other State Action

In 2022, at least 29 states are considering or have passed legislation to make EVs and hybrids an attractive alternative to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. 

Kentucky’s S.B. 347, which passed the Senate on March 14, takes a similar approach to West Virginia, requiring the Transportation Cabinet to develop an EV infrastructure development plan for using NEVI Formula Program Funds. NCEL’s Transportation Briefing Book breaks down several transportation policies available for states to increase EV’s and pursue low-carbon transportation options.

Many states that have not historically considered EV development a priority have now seized the opportunity to accelerate clean transportation, highlighting the success of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law