Legislator Spotlight

Representative Andy Josephson, Alaska



NCEL Point of Contact

Dylan McDowell
Executive Director


What motivated you to get involved with environmental issues?

A deep and abiding concern for environmental preservation, particularly but not exclusively in Alaska.

What environmental issues are you most passionate about?

Opposition to predator control. I have worked deeply to address this in the Legislature. I am constantly looking at each bill that comes before me through the prism of environmental impact.

How has NCEL helped you in your work?

I have consulted NCEL for research and information on a myriad of topics. Their annual conferences are vital to my work.

What is your greatest environmental policy success story? 

In 2017, I passed a bill through the House outlawing the taking of wolves north and east of Denali National Park in Alaska. In 2018, I passed a bill through the House increasing penalties and fines for oil and non-oil product spills. Both bills died in the State Senate.