Legislator Spotlight

Legislator Spotlight: Senator Alana DiMario, Rhode Island

July 11, 2024



NCEL Point of Contact

Dylan McDowell
Executive Director


What motivated you to get involved with environmental issues?

I live in and now represent three coastal communities in Rhode Island, and the impacts of climate change are already affecting the lives and livelihoods of my district.

What environmental issues are you most passionate about and why? How have you worked in the legislature to address these issues?

I have worked on greenhouse gas emissions reductions specifically in the area of transportation emissions reductions as well as working to incentivize solar development outside of core forests, so we can realize the benefits of clean energy production while minimizing the negative impacts. After introducing legislation on joining the regional Transportation Climate Initiative and setting targets for transportation electrification in previous years, this year I supported the Department of Environmental Management and the Governor to initiate the adoption of Advanced Clean Cars 2/Advanced Clean Trucks to lower emissions from the transportation sector. This year I am working to ensure that as we build out our solar energy generation, we do so in a way that promotes responsible land use, fair labor standards, and ratepayer protections.

How has NCEL helped you in your work?

The NCEL resources and convenings on subject areas such as transportation emissions, federal funding opportunities, outdoor education, and other areas have been invaluable in informing the direction of related policies in Rhode Island.

What is your greatest environmental policy success story?

I credit the resources from NCEL for assisting me in keeping transportation emissions reductions at the top of my priority list, and this year that support has helped lead to a successful effort to reduce transportation emissions in Rhode Island.