Press Release

California Coast Oil Spill and State Action

October 7, 2021



NCEL Point of Contact

Taylor Anderson
Communications Director


Need for State Action on Offshore Drilling Underscored by Oil Spill Off California’s Coast 

Statement from NCEL Board President Beth Kerttula

The oil spill off the coast of Orange County California is another example of the threats from offshore drilling and why state action to stop drilling is so important. While all eyes are on the devastation and impacts of this spill, incidents like this are not unique or rare events but are continuously happening across the country. 

Despite a commitment to climate action, the federal government is still expanding opportunities for offshore drilling. In September, the Administration offered 80 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico for offshore drilling leases and set a November 17 auction date, emphasizing the importance for continued state action.

States continue to be leaders in banning and restricting offshore drilling. To date, 10 states have restricted offshore drilling or drilling infrastructure in state waters. States continue to work together and remain committed to ensuring their coasts and economies are protected from the harms of offshore oil spills.

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